Monday, 3 February 2014

Scarlett Who?

Scarlett Johansson, ambassador for Oxfam.
Sodastream, fizzy drinks manufacturer from 1970s.
Sodastream offer Scarlett mutli-million pound deal to act as global brand ambassador.
Oxfam call Scarlett.
Oxford point out Sodastream manufacturing plant in illegal Israeli settlement in West Bank.
Oxfam give Scarlett choice between them or Sodastream.
Sodastream get Scarlett as global ambassador.
Scarlett continues to pocket multi-million pound deal. 
Oxfam look for new ambassador.
World boos Scarlett.
Nobody buys Sodastream.
Scarlett buys sports car.
Palestinians continue inhumane suffering.
Scarletts career nosedives as she is always remembered as the actress who put money above human suffering and principles.


Cheezy said...

When I first heard this story, the thing that surprised me most was the fact that people are still buying Sodastreams.

It's just sh!tty syrup and fizzy water, right? And a machine that makes a vaguely amusing farting noise?

Seems a bit 1970s to me...

Anyway, I wouldn't work for the Israelis myself, but I can't condemn Scarlett for doing so... (I'm like putty in her hands)... Plus, I believe in freedom of choice for this sort of thing, and the fact that she may feel differently about the whole Palestinian question does not offend me. Even if she doesn't give a toss about politics and just wants to make a bit of money, that's her call too in my book. I won't join any 'Scarlett boycott' because of it.

And, by the way, I can't see her career suffering too much because of it. Do you really think this will happen?

Lucy said...

I had to double check it said Sodastream also. Get busy with a fizzy and all that. Can't remember what they taste like but i do remember it being in the back of the cupboard for years gathering dust.

I don't think her career will suffer from this, if Mel Gibson is still making films and he did everything except wear an SS uniform i'm sure she will be fine.

Anonymous said...

she is pretty


Cheezy said...

Yep. Extremely.

And Mel is mad :)