Sunday, 2 February 2014

Science Says It Denver

It's the Superbowl tonight and the Seattle Seahawks are taking on the Denver Broncos.
I know nothing about American Football and even less about the two teams playing this game but a quick Google search shows that Denver will win because they play in red.
A 2005 study showed that red outfits give athletes an advantage, an evolutionary throwback as red correlates to male dominance and testosterone levels in animals and humans associate anger and danger with red which has a subconscious reaction that puts the opposition at a disadvantage.
In the Durham University study, scientists examined football tournaments and Olympic sports in which competitors were randomly assigned red or blue outfits or protective gear and found that wearing red is consistently associated with higher probability of winning' and warned that 'The colour of sportswear needs to be taken into account to ensure a level playing field in sport'.
So science is telling us it's going to be 'Go Denver' to the red wearing Broncos and 'You Suck' to the white wearing Seahawks.


Lucy said...

Idiots go and wear Orange.

Anonymous said...

orange must not have a positive impact as denver was smashed in the face