Sunday, 23 March 2014

2014 Warmest Summer On Record

It is hard to find a better 'Summer' song then Mungo Jerry's 'In The Summertime'. As he says 'We go fishin' or go swimmin' in the sea, We're always happy' although he does also suggest having a drink and a drive and speeding along lanes doing a ton or a ton and twenty five which will quickly see you coming out of Summertime and into the cemetery.
Despite Mungo Jery's reckless disregard for road safety, the Earth is tilting towards Summer and the season of white legs and men in shorts that are far too tight is coming to the Northern Hemisphere and if recent headlines are to be believed, its going to be a scorcher.
The UK enjoyed blazing sunshine a few weeks ago when temperatures hit 20C and apparently that's just the first taste of the summer to come as experts at the Armin Bunde of Justus Liebig University in Giessen say there's a 75% chance that over the next few months Brits will be bathed in Mediterranean-style temperatures as we have the hottest summer on record.
As we are just moving out of the wettest winter on record, hot summer days and long, balmy evenings do sound enticing but as one of those rare people who dislikes summer, it did make my heart sink. 
Where some people hear Summer and see barbeque's, flip flops, tans and sandy beaches, i think of biting insects, sunburn, sleepless nights and hot car seats.
A normal summer with regular summer temperatures is a test of endurance, a 3 month battle to keep cool and  keep skin that turns an angry lobster colour covered but the British summer is usually reliably brief with only a few weeks in June to manoeuvre until the clouds return and the temperature lowers but if the experts are to be believed, this summer is going to be el scorchio before we get back to hot drinks and  moisturiser instead of hot weather and suncream.
I do get accused of being a misery guts as i whine my way through the season but then i have to hear other people moaning all winter about how depressing the snow and rain is but in the winter you don't get idiots doing a ton down lanes while drunk and blasting out Mungo Jerry from their car stereos.

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