Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Missing Plane Theories

There are now 26 countries searching for the missing Malaysian plane which has been missing for 11 days and there are a few theories as to what may have happened to it.
What we do know is that the two communications systems were disabled, deliberately or otherwise, and investigators have looked at the mobile phone records of the passengers but found no evidence of any attempted calls or texts.
Then there is the 'ping' sent by the plane six hours after it disappeared from Malaysian radar screens which showed the plane was still operational.
One theory is that the plane has landed somewhere with the Andaman and Nicobar Islands mentioned as the islands are in the direction that the plane was last seen to be heading although the only four landing strips among the 570 islands are monitored by Indian military radar and a jumbo jet would have been noticed. 
Kazakhstan has also mentioned as a possible landing site for a stolen plane, especially as making a landing in the vast desert spaces would negate the need for a runway although the Kazakh Civil Aviation Committee said it would have not only been picked up by their radar but it would have to have flown across Indian, Pakistan and Afghanistan airspace to reach Kazakhstan.
China's Taklamakan Desert is another possible destination but again would require a run through the radar systems of several countries as would another landing site in Pakistan although making it through the radars is tricky, but not impossible according to another theory which has the plane hiding in the shadow of another airliner. 
The theory is that as MH370 was flying without its transponder, another plane wouldn't know it was there and as it entered other countries airspace it would have shown up as one single blip on the radar with only the transponder information of one plane lighting up the radar screens."
A darker theory is that the plane was taken by terrorists and is being stored somewhere and will take off again to be used in a 9/11 style terror attack and there is a possibility that one of the many countries it flew over with its communication devices switched off would have led to scrambled fighter jets and the plane being shot down and nobody wants to put there hands up to shooting down an airliner full of passengers.
With most of the theories, the plane has landed somewhere which offers some hope that the 239 passengers and crew on board may still be alive.
Unfortunately, i do fear that there will not be a happy ending to this and when it is finally discovered it will be in several pieces strewn across a wide area.


Nog said...

1. I don't know anything about military or civilian air radar, but I'm increasingly getting the feeling that Malaysia doesn't have the worst radar system in the world, and that some other countries are over-stating their radar capabilities so as not to admit military weakness. Who is going to admit "hey, if a giant, slow moving, airplane bumbles into our airspace we'd have no idea it was here"? Also, I doubt that Tajikistan is worried about violation of their airspace by Afghanistan.

3. I cannot see why a suicidal person would drag it out 5-7 hours. That's too much time to think about it, too much time with passengers and crew trying to bust down the door, and too much effort. I don't know how to fly, but I could do a nosedive.

4. There's always "method to the madness." But there's no method to downing a plane by running it out of fuel. If someone was absconding with the plane until it ran out of fuel, that person was planning on landing the plane on dry land somewhere and living to tell the tale. There are lots of choices to the north. The only place south is Australia.


Cheezy said...

Apparently Courtney Love knows where it is.

Lucy said...

As much as i think Courtney Love would need labels saying arse and elbow, imagine if she did find it!!

Cheezy said...

We'd have to reassess everything else that we think we know.

Anonymous said...

I got a funny feeling it is closer to Capetown south Africa.

Anonymous said...

I got a funny feeling it is closer to Capetown south Africa.
Why don't they get a psychic or something