Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sharp Spike In Executions

Days after Egypt sentenced 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to death, Amnesty International announce a 'sharp global spike' in the number of people put to death last year.
Almost 100 more people were executed in 2013 compared with the previous year, a rise of 15%, with 22 countries carrying out 778 executions.
Top of the list are Iran (369), Iraq (169), Saudi Arabia (79), the United States (39) and Somalia (34) which should raise a few eyebrows in Washington that they are in such esteemed company.
It won't but it should.


Anonymous said...

i am against capital punishment, but your presentation of the data that distorts reality.

- Iran executes 1 out of 200,000.
- USA executes 1 out of 7,800,000, which is equal to Norway executing 1 person.
- due to a bias against wrongful death after decades of abuse at the hands of English monarchs, in the US, the average inmate is on death row for almost 20 years before their judicial options are exhausted.
- The way you present it makes it look like iran is 10x more than USA, but when compared per capita, iran actually executes 38x more than USA.

Lastly, just for perspective, how many has china executed that we will never know about?


Lucy said...

China stats are not known but i would say they would top the list.

Anonymous said...