Saturday, 29 March 2014

No Time For Obama To Ask About Human Right Violations

After his speech on Friday criticising Russia for its anti-gay rights laws, Obama rolled onto Saudi Arabia.
Obviously, with the rights of homosexuals at the forefront of his mind, he must have also mentioned his new found admiration for the gay and lesbian community to such a vile regime where homosexuality is punished with imprisonment, corporal punishment, torture, capital punishment and chemical castration.
It was only a few years ago that human right groups found that the Saudi government was sending British mosques material urging the killing of gays and last year the Saudi's back plans by the  Gulf Cooperative Countries to ban LGBT foreigners from entering Gulf countries.
So fresh from berating Russia for banning the promotion of homosexuality, he must have bought his concerns up that, as he told the Russian he believes in: 'human dignity, that every person is created equal no matter who you are or what you look like or who you love or where you come from'.
'With the other issues discussed, it left no time to raise human rights issues' said the White House spokesman when questioned by Human rights groups who had urged Obama to bring up the plethora of Human Right violations in the country during his visit.
He just didn't have the time, funny that.


Anonymous said...


for purposes of accuracy, it must be pointed out that obama has supported homosexual rights since the first moment he feel upon the public scene.

In your writings you demand perfection from the UK and America and criticize every flaw without acknowledging any positives, but when it comes to most others you either completely ignore their huge aberrations (china, russia, n korea, iran, etc.) or you cherry pick the one good thing and ignore the horrors (e.g. Chavez. You praised how nice he was to the poor, ignoring his motive of buying votes and admiration, while he crushed the rights of the all others. You praised his hatred of capitalism, ignoring that economically he was destroying the nation from the inside.)

would I want to live in Saudi Arabia? not just no, but hell no. But tell me please how Saudi Arabia is more vile than all the other Muslim "regimes". A list would be nice...

I would also love to hear which muslim regime/nation do you want to live in?

- Every Muslim nation hates Hates HATES homosexuals as far as I can tell.

-which Muslim nations are truly democratic (and I don't mean Chinese, Venezuelan, or N. Korean style democracy).

-which don’t repress women?

Come on. Call it like it is.

And in re Russia. Do you think obama was wrong to call out Putin and the Russians for their stance on homosexuality?

Funny that.


Lucy said...

You want me to widen out my argument from after castigating Russia for banning the promotion of homosexuality, Obama the very next day, went to a country with laws that outright ban homosexuality, even handing out the death penalty and long term prison sentences for homosexuality, and doesn't mention it because he 'ran out of time'?
I decline and confine you to the post topic but invite you back to post again when the topic is homosexuality laws in other Muslim countries or which Muslim country i would choose to live in.

Anonymous said...

well, that may have been your topic, but you went all over the place with it.

I don't think o has a new found admiration, I think he as a long track record of supporting homosexual rights.

you label Saudi Arabia a vile regime, and it is different from Syria, Iraq, iran, Libya, Egypt, etc how?


Lucy said...

I thought i stayed in a pretty straight line, wasn't much room to wiggle around in fact. It was about Obama going to Saudi Arabia. If he had gone to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt etc then they would have got a name check, but they never because he didn't go there, he went to Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

No doubt about your primary point. I was addressing the way you characterized o and saudi arabia. One is just plain wrong, the other while it may be accurate, could describe every nation in the middle east except israel