Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Crimea Referendum Result

John Kerry had his most serious face on when he discussed tomorrows referendum in the Crimea and warned that: 'there is the danger of a complete re-set of Russia’s relationship with the rest of the world'.
In reality, they could just as well announce the results of the referendum today because anything other than an overwhelming majority in favour of returning the Crimea to Russian rule will be shocking.
What isn't shocking is that America has once again embroiled itself in a situation that it had no need to and is making threats of isolation and sanctions against Russia like the head of the gang only this time when it looks around and asks 'whose behind me', everyone else has left.  
It appears that apart from the Ukrainians and America, everyone else is happy to let Russia and Ukraine get on with it, whatever it is.
After some initial huffing and puffing from the EU, it appears that after a timely reminder of who supplies a good wedge of their gas and oil, it has suddenly reigned in its rhetoric. As one European Official explained: 'Syria, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Nigeria, the Maghreb. These are bigger problems. Crimea is simply not that far up the real agenda'.
While America may talk of sanctions, and there may be some meaningless restrictions slapped down and then quickly removed when nobody is looking but it is expected Crimea will become a region of Russia and John Kerry will once again be made to look a sucker by Putin and the Europeans have left the Americans flapping in the wind on this one.


Keep Life Simple said...
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Keep Life Simple said...
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Lucy said...

My biggest concern is how the leaders of Italy and Greece were 'replaced'. There does seem to be a rash of other people removing other peoples leaders this century so far.

Anonymous said...

Well then you might feel safer in the ussr i mean the ukraine i mean russia