Monday, 31 March 2014

Was Jesus A Champagne Socialist?

Indiana Jones and the Monty Python team went looking but failed to find it but the Holy Grail has turned up in a Spanish Church.
Curators have now been were forced to remove the cup from display after crowds swarmed there after historians claimed it was the gold and onyx cup encrusted with precious stones was the real thing.
The only time i have ever reached out to the Bible was to squash a damsel fly but unless i am very much mistaken, Jesus was an out of work carpenter (no mention of him ever knocking up a dovetail joint) and had given up all his possessions as explained in rich men and the eye of the needle speech Why then would he or his friends have a cup made of gold and encrusted with jewels? Surely a chipped mug with 'Jesus's Tea, Hands Off' on it would be more in keeping with his station.
If Jesus and his chums did have a cup like this then they were obviously worth a bob or two. I'm beginning to have some serious doubts about the authenticity of this Bible you know.

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