Sunday, 30 March 2014

BAM POW WHAM Batman Sucks

This month sees the 75th anniversary of Batman or as i have gleaned from the episodes of Batman that i saw i the 70s, a man dressed as a bat who has gadgets with the word 'bat' in front of them.
Maybe its because i'm not geek enough to understand but isn't Batman about the worst superhero ever?
Firstly, he has no superpowers, he can't fly or shoot lasers from his eyes like Superman and bats are known for being blind and using radar to avoid flying into things which are not the first things i would request if i was to take on the bad guys of Gotham City.  
Take away his utility belt full of 'bat gadgets' and he is just a perfectly helpless guy in a tight fitting blue suit and cape. Why the Joker didn't do this in the first ten minutes of the first Batman film i don't know but it would have spared us all the rest of the awful Dark Knight films.
He did have quite a cool car though but then so did the Dukes of Hazard and they beat the bad guys with Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane harassing them every week!


Keep Life Simple said...

bats are not blind...


Lucy said...

That's that particular saying out the window then.