Sunday, 16 March 2014

How The British Ruined The World

In any list labelling the worst things Britain is responsible for inflicting upon the World you would expect the Spice Girls and Hugh Grant to figure quite highly but the people at Listverse overlook our offering to popular culture and go for the jugular in the list of 'ten ways the British Empire ruined the world'.
No bushes were beat around here as it says 'The British Empire sowed the seeds for some of the worst disasters that have afflicted humanity. Although the British were not responsible for all of the events directly, their interference in others’ problems was often just as destructive. Here are ten ways the British Empire ruined the world:

10 Apartheid
9. Irish Potato Famine
8. Invention of the Machine Gun
7. Atlantic Slave Trade
6. Opium Wars
5. Scramble for Africa
4. Appeasement
3. The Industrial Revolution
2. Palestine
1. Partition of India

The author of the list, Phil Moore, is a history major according to his profile at the bottom of the piece but he hasn't got a profile link so we can't play the 'hold on, lets see what YOUR country has got up to' game so all i can do is say sorry for my British ancestors ruining the World and give an extra apology for the Spice Girls.


Unknown said...

The country where I live (Spain) has an interesting list as well. I could name, off the top of my head, the bullfight, La Santa Inquisición, the colonization of America, and more recently, Jose Mª Aznar.

Cheezy said...

Both countries have spawned good things and bad things... yada yada... Such is life, we live and (sometimes) learn.

Lucy said...

I was all ready to say 'right Mr Moore, let's see what country you hail from' and then write 10 ways his country destroyed the World but his profile was strangely light on the details. That's probably why, sensible man.