Monday, 31 March 2014

Japan Told To Stop Whaling

Japan has been arguing that its annual slaughter of 850 minke whales and 50 endangered fin whales was for scientific reasons to examine the age, health, feeding habits, exposure to toxins and other characteristics of whale populations.
The UN today say B*****ks and told them to stop it after requesting the scientific evidence that they had gleaned and Japan offering up two reports, one from 2005.
'The myth that this hunt was in any way scientific can now be dismissed once and for all' said Greenpeace who had been campaigning for the end of the Japanese whaling fleets along with the Australian government for the past four years.
It is just a shame that they have been getting away with the laughably pathetic scientific research excuse for so long, these wheels certainly did grind slow.
Now let's go after the other Whaling nations like Norway and Iceland.

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Anonymous said...

let's nuke 'em!! save the whales!!


ps - I actually favor stopping whaling, at least as it exists today