Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Still Trying To Get Us To Accept Fracking

Struggling to get the country behind his vision for fracking wells lining the country, David Cameron has attempted to shoehorn fracking into the Ukraine crisis.
He has tried saying it would create jobs, then it would be good for the British economy and even that it lower gas and electric prices and now it is vitally important that we pollute our water system with dangerous chemicals and cause earthquakes in Britain as it would make us less dependent on the gas of the Wests latest bogeyman, Russia.
According to Department of Energy and Climate Change figures, the UK imports 55% of its gas from Norway, 27% from Qatar, 14.5% from the Netherlands and 3% from Belgium so very little from Russia.
Pöyry, energy consultants to the oil and gas industry, have gone even further to rubbish the Prime Ministers claims by explaining that what we get from fracking will not replace Russian gas but rather liquefied natural gas from Qatar, supplies that are deemed secure. 
After losing the argument on lower energy bills and job creation, David Cameron is now exploiting the Ukraine crisis in the hope of deflecting criticism.
Still not happening Dave, the public mood seems to be still overwhelmingly against fracking so try again.


Anonymous said...

don't frack, just buy your fuel from the USA!

hell, you think the world is coming to an end in 20 years anyway. NASA says 10 years...


Lucy said...

Super intelligent Robots will be keeping us humans in cages as slaves in 20 years, don't say i didn't warn you!

Anonymous said...

dying by natural causes, i am unlikley to live that much longer...

global warming will kill us sooner anyway.

then there is nasa's collapse of civilization which will have in 10 years or less...