Friday, 21 March 2014

Happy 1393 Iran

It's the New Year in Iran so to anyone Iranian, Happy Nowruz and all the best for 1393!
As Iran follows the Solar Hirji calendar, the Persians are waking up in 1393 today but as we in the West follow the Gregorian calendar, it is 2014 for us so we have already done 1393 so we can pass on some advice.
That war that been rolling on between England and France still has some way to go, we call it the Hundred Years' War now and we are only just over halfway through.
The Mongols are going to be around your neck of the woods for a few years yet and that black stuff that  keeps seeping out of the ground is going to be important in a few hundreds years so don't waste it. 
As we are 727 years in the future it is only fair that we share upcoming events with you unlike those Buddhists who are in 2558 and haven't told us anything and even worse are the Hebrews who are in 5774 and haven't even told us how to make those flying skateboards from the Back to the Future films.
Of course it will be another 600 odd years before you get cinema but you will like it but you might want to give '300' a miss when it comes out, the Persians don't come out of that very well.

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