Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Privatisation Sucks Example 7,989,572

Privatisation. Great isn't it?
SSE today announced that gas and electricity prices will be frozen at their current levels until 2016 and we are supposed to say what a good thing that is.
No mention that at current levels the UK is second only to Estonia among European countries for the number of people, over 5 million, in fuel poverty and struggling to pay their energy bills.
Rather than drop their prices or backtrack on the 8% rise at the end of last year, the second largest energy firm is pegging peoples bills at the current level.
At least it will reduce their obscene £1.5 bn profits is the cry but SSE have thought of that are 'streamlining' their business or in layman's terms, they are cutting jobs, 500 altogether, to cover the shortfall.
So you can have your gas and electric at the same price that many people already can't afford but to pay for it they are kicking 500 people out of a job so their profits are protected which ironically is what the uproar was all about in the first place.
When the SSE chief executive, Alistair Phillips-Davies, said: 'I hope that people will now start to recognise SSE is not part of the problem but part of the solution', we can ask how because from where i am sitting nothing has actually changed for the 9.5 million customers except 500 people are now unemployed.


Anonymous said...

one reason privatization sucks in the UK is because yawl don't have or create a competitive environment.

or am I wrong about that Cheezy?


Lucy said...

I imagine it sucks everywhere not just here in the UK because people are greedy everywhere.

Anonymous said...

no lucy, it is kicking ass in hong kong, china, south korea, the usa, canada, and a lot of other places...

and the opposite, socialism, sucks much worse in argentina, venezuela, peru, cuba, uk, north korea, greece, spain, and many more...