Sunday, 9 March 2014

Clegg's Pro-EU Message Being Lost

I am very much a Pro-European. To my mind to even consider further detaching ourselves from the EU is beyond folly and if anything, we should be integrating ourselves further.
Being in the EU, we will be part of the Worlds largest trading block and a 'nation' of 500 million people with only China having a larger population.
What the likes of UKIP and some on the Conservative benches are advocating is to take us away from that and become a nation of 60 million, a tiny insignificant voice on the fringes of a globe dominated by the economic and political powerhouses of America, China and the EU.
The case for not only being in Europe but throwing ourselves lock, stock and barrel into the project is frustratingly not being made and as the man who is being wheeled out to put across the point is Nick Clegg, i can't see my fellow Brits changing their minds anytime soon. 
The message is being lost because of the messenger as Clegg has so little credibility left after his appalling behaviour in Government that his appearance in the Pro-EU debates with Nigel Farage is sure to further split opinion.
The bottom line is that despite the recent upheavals, the United States of Europe is going to happen and we can become part of the process and have a strong voice in shaping the future EU or we can stay outside and be swept along with what others decide.
We are kidding ourselves if we believe the anti-EU supporters that we can go it alone and remain a global influence because we won't and that is the message we have to get across. I just fear that Nick Clegg is just too much damaged goods to be of any benefit to such an important decision. 


Anonymous said...

the history of Europe made a deep impression on the US founding fathers. they saw a group of nations in constant economic turmoil and war and did not want the colonies to be another europe.

funny that 225 years later the EU is dealing with the issues...


Lucy said...

That's what holds back the USE, historical differences and centuries old feuds.

Keep Life Simple said...
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