Thursday, 3 July 2014

Been Here Before Haven't We

The UK Government have announced an increase in airport security amid fears that terrorists in Syria and Yemen were developing explosives that could be smuggled undetected onto planes.
US intelligence agencies have passed on information that Syria and Yemen have been in contact to develop bombs that escape heightened security measures, although they do not have specific intelligence about an imminent attack or specific plot emanating from the collaboration.
If this were true it would be very worrying but the problem is that many don't trust the people making the claims as both the UK and US Governments have been using the terrorist threat at every opportunity for the past decade and its citizens are wary of falling for the propaganda again.
In the run up to the Iraq war we had tanks at Heathrow and the delightful picture of the old lady hitting the tank with her umbrella and telling them to go away and we asked them what use would a tank be against someone on a plane with a bomb in his underpants?
Maybe if these measure were not introduced with such fanfare it wouldn't be suspected that all this was a Public Relations exercise designed to scare us into not questioning all the safety measures that have chipped away at our civil liberties.
According to George W Bush, his actions have made the world a much safer place and we all know how smart he was so why should we believe that these actions are as credible as the previous lot as they scan our emails, note our telephone calls, increase surveillance and stifle any protests under the guise of anti-terrorism.

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