Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cheering On The Germans

Last four standing in the World Cup are Argentina and the Netherlands and Germany and Brazil and i usually root for the European countries but i am hoping that the Argentines kick the Netherlands out and Germany end up winning the whole thing.   
Robben's criminal diving, especially to 'win' the penalty against Mexico, Tim Kruls gamesmanship during the penalty shoot-out with Costa Rica last night and the arrogant van Gaal overseeing it all makes me hope that Messi and his gang dismantle them completely.
Germany can then take on and beat a Brazil shorn of their best players at both end of the pitch and on Sunday night it's Saurkraut and Bratwurst in Berlin and jubiliations and a hearty rendition of Wir Sind Die Meister. Wunderbur!

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