Monday, 28 July 2014

Nothings Changed

Four days away and i come back to see Israel is still killing Palestinians with over 1000 dead now. Much like shooting fish in barrel, this lot have walled them in and then shoot and bomb them. There is a reason why Israel can count the number of friends it has on the finger of one hand and until it realises that just because they were mistreated so awfully 70 years ago, does not mean that it gives them a free pass to terrorise, kill, maim and oppress another group of people, they will still only have one friend and that friend isn't particularly well liked around the globe for it's foreign policy either.
Another group of detestable bankers are Lloyd's who was fined £218 million for criminal behaviour over Libor manipulation and then we have the Government announcing that the recession is over and we are back to where we were in pre-crash 2008.
Set aside that we are still 6 years behind, i am sure i don't remember quite so many empty shops, people queueing at food banks and people striking as they forfeit another pay rise but maybe that's my memory slipping.
So on reflection, Israel still being murderously evil, the banks still being conniving and shifty and the Government trying to bounce us into believing that their plans are working.
Nothing has changed at all then!

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