Monday, 21 July 2014


By 1961 America was having its backside paddled by the Soviets in the Space Race by claiming the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth, first animal sent into orbit, first human in space and the first craft to reach the surface of the Moon and now America's official response has been released, it wanted to nuke the moon to stop the Soviets from making a landing on it.
Declassified documents show that the first idea was to consider placing a military base on the moon and when that was found to be unfeasible, the next idea was to nuke the Earth's satellite 'to impress the world with the prowess of the United States'.
Always considered a conspiracy theory, the US government has never formally confirmed its involvement in the plan, called Project A-119, until now.
Nuking the moon sounds like something George w. Bush would come up with in a war against tides but fortunately, the United States came to the decision  that exploding a nuclear bomb on an orbiting planetary body for no particular reason might make them come across as a tad insane so sent Neil Armstrong up to land on it instead (or made a fake film of it depending upon your standpoint).
There will be former Soviet scientists looking at each other and saying 'And we lost the Cold War to them??'
It does make you wonder how we have made it out the 80's let alone to 2014 without killing our stupid selves.


Keep Life Simple said...

It is amazing America has accomplished anything since you only seem to find fault and the weird shit...

If only we could be like the Russians... Oh ... Wait ... We kicked their asses

Never mind


Keep Life Simple said...

The idea you noted would have come out during the Kennedy era right, or was it the LBJ era. Those whacked far left democrats... Interesting you attributed it to W.

Lucy said...

a> Stop doing weird shit and people will stop finding and writing about the weird shit you do.

b> Nothing was attributed to GWB, was just a cheap shot at someone not considered the sharpest knife in the drawer.

c> Look at the title of the post! I am very proud of it.

Keep Life Simple said...

The title is good.

Not all stupid comments come from W , you just point out his.