Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Solving The Bankers Problem

It's a tricky one i agree, how can we stop the financial market from swindling, conning and generally being a bunch of thieving rouges out to line their pockets at our expense?
More regulation has been considered and then dismissed, and the Government spluttered on their Moet at the thought of reducing their bonuses and seeing their donors hit in the pocket but luckily the powers that be have hit upon a fool-proof way to bring the corrupt bankers into line, make them say an oath to remind them of their moral and social obligations.
Can't see how that wouldn't work, Doctors have to say the Hippocratic that promises they will uphold specific ethical standards and we should give it a go with bankers.
Failing that, silly idea i know but stay with me, how about prison sentences for those found to have embezzled or acting fraudulently the same as the rest of us face if we were caught committing fraud.
Just a thought.

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