Saturday, 12 July 2014

Russia Hitting Back

Russia and Vladamir Putin seem to have taken the reasoning that if America messes in its backyard, it will return the favour and the Russian President is embarking on a tour of Latin America.
Always a sore point in America's side, he has already written off $32 billion, 90%, of Cuba’s debt and has appointed Russian oil company Rosneft to help Cuban State oil company Cupet explore the country's offshore oil reserves along with other co-operation deals signed between the two nations.
The next stop following Havana will be Buenos Aires and Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who has been very supportive of Moscow in its recent stand-off with the West where they are expected to increase trade including a new multibillion dollar nuclear power plant which is expected to be built by Russia’s state-owned energy firm Rosatom.
Then it is on to Brazil and meetings with Dilma Rouseff who was a recent victim of the US phone hacking scandal and a joint information security project is on the agenda.
Putin will also meet a dozen Latin America presidents in hope of striking new partnerships and culminate in the BRICS summit where the plans for a joint development bank will be discussed.
Russia making friends and having influence in an area that America has always considered its own to shape to its own liking might make things very interesting, especially if Russia returns the favour of posting it's military in the area.


Liber said...
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Lucy said...

It's the long game, laying the foundations. Missiles on Cuba or Brazil at some future point? You know, purely defensive ones.

Liber said...
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