Wednesday, 9 July 2014

We Know How This Latest Conflict Will Play Out

Israel hits 200 Gaza sites, 8 children reported dead, Hamas fires rockets. I am pretty certain that we know how this latest operation is going to go.
Israel bomb Gaza for a few weeks until the death toll on the Palestinian side gets so high and so many pictures of dead Palestinian children fill the airwaves that international pressure makes it pull back.
Meanwhile, the US and UK start off saying how Israel has a right to defend itself against Hamas rockets for the first week and then go quiet for another week therefore giving Israel breathing space to bomb and invade at will before making half hearted pleas for Israel and Palestine to stop the fighting which they do a week later.
Then, as Israel pulls out it's troops and the Palestinians bury their many dead and rebuild their houses from the rubble and while Hamas are declaring victory, details of Israeli human rights and war atrocities leak out which are replied to as anti-semitic and we return to the status quo and everyone says how we need a peace process and everything goes back to normal. 
Hamas use the invasion as justification for their on going fight against Israel, Israel use the invasion as a justification of their ongoing fight against Hamas and innocent Israelis and Palestinians get killed by both.
Sickening that Hamas target Israelis by firing rockets into Israel and equally sickening that Israel continue to target the homes of Hamas members and have no compassion for the family in the same house or those in the immediate vicinity.
All sides are as guilty as each other of keeping the feud going, Israel so it can steal Palestinian land and Hamas so it can justify its existence.


Q said...
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Lucy said...

Not just the Palestinians, many of you are behind my curve but you will all learn.