Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Psychological Differences Of Right Wing

I have always noticed that there are far more left leaning teachers in academia than right leaning ones. It isn't something i have pondered for too long, just putting it down to the right leaning people being a bit thick and left it at that but science has found that people on the left and right are psychologically different.
Researchers at the University of Nebraska have reported that right-wingers possess a strong 'negativity bias' meaning they are more defencive and reactionary than their left wing cousins.
They also discovered that right wing parents are stricter with their offspring, are more emotionally repressed,  less empathetic and are more afraid of change. 
That said, they are also more polite and strangely own more cleaning supplies so if you ever want a jar opened or your bathroom needs a good clean, ask a Tory voter.
The report remarks that negative bias and being overly cautious was a good thing during our evolution but is clearly unsuited in the modern era so it is in our interests to show conservatives that they can change if they try hard enough, despite the obvious mental problems and being a bit slow on the uptake.
Maybe we shouldn't be too quick to show them the errors of their ways, not until i have had my car cleaned anyway.


Keep Life Simple said...

You forgot that the right are in touch with reality and provide the taxes that allow the left to write poems, paint, and do studies that substantiate their negative views of people on the right...


Lucy said...

The only thing the right is in touch with is a shammy leather and some soapy water apparently.

Keep Life Simple said...

Lucky for the left, as there is nothing produced by the left to tax... Which is apparently the crux of left philosophy - grant the illusion of property rights while actually stripping people of property via taxes.

Nog said...

I know too many gay-friendly Republicans and gun-friendly Democrats.