Saturday, 12 July 2014

Hey, Ho, They're Gone

I saw the Sugababes once towards the end of their life-span but as none of the original band members were still there, i could never quite get my head around whether had i just seen the Sugababes or not?
I assumed not and satisfied myself that what i had just witnessed was little more of a tribute band and the question came back to me today on news Tommy Ramone, the last remaining Ramone, had died. 
Despite a surprising but welcome surge in kids wearing Ramones t-shirts recently, not many seemed to know who they were or would look blankly at me as i rattled off their songs but i knew people who were there at the time who were unaware of them so it's another surprise that in spectacular hyperbole they seem to be credited with creating punk.
All their songs had a similar pace, length and sound to them but they did churn out some great songs, Blitzkrieg Bop deserving of special mention and their brilliant breakneck version of 'I Don't Want To Grow Up' one of those rare moments where the copy not only surpasses the original but becomes the definitive version of that song.
The band line up fluctuated over the years but now that the fourth and final original member has died it has a feeling of that's is the official end of the Ramones, they can't come back now and leave us fans with a Sugababes type conundrum of whether they are still 'The Ramones'.
They may not have been commercially successful or done anything other than turn out formulaic, short, furious songs but what great short, furious songs they were. 
As this is probably the last time i will ever be able to write about the Ramones i really should just put it out there that to my ears the Ramones always sounded very similar to the Beach Boys in their early years.
The Ramones then are a well worthy entrant to the Lucy Museum of Musicians who deserve entry to Lucy's Museum of Musicians. 

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