Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Blackberry Still Fighting

As someone who doesn't like or want to use a touchscreen phone, i would dearly love Blackberry and there actual keyboard phones to succeed and continue making mobiles but they have been struggling in recent times and things are looking rather bleak for the Canadian firm.
As i will soon be in the market for a new phone as my contract comes to an end, i have been looking at the phones available and as none of the other main suppliers such as Samsung or Apple have cottoned onto the large contingent of touchscreen keyboard avoiders, Blackberry is the only Smartphone to choose but as i was advised the other day by a sales assistant in Phones4U, Blackberry is no longer making phones so i will have to lump it and go for a touchscreen before guiding me through the options available.
Days later Blackberry announce a new phone, the Passport so once i has finished a mental note to myself to ignore any advice from anyone wearing a Phones4U uniform, i went to have a look and sure enough the Passport has a real keyboard but wow is it a weird looking unit. 
I do understand their thinking regarding a large square mobile, a cross between a phone and a tablet and it certainly is different but i think i will pass and wait for the Q20 (Blackberry Classic) which is set to be released in November.
At least they are still in their trying for us QWERTY types and i won't be returning to Phones4U as their staff are either ignorant of their own field or happy to lie to your face to get a sale.


Liber - Latin for "The Free One" said...
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Lucy said...

Probably not but my lasting impression of phones4u is this one trying to 'hardsale' me a phone i didn't want and was either ignorant or lying, both of which is not desirable when you are making a commitment of a 24 month mobile phone contract.