Monday, 14 July 2014

Thinking About Water

A scientist on the television tonight said that the Earths Oceans arrived 4.4 billion years ago. Now i distinctly remember my science teacher explaining to a class of bored 12 year old's that water can be in one of three states, frozen, liquid or a gas.
So water is either locked up in ice at the poles, sloshing about with whales peeing in it as oceans or floating above us as clouds or steam and the water goes through this cycle again and again with no new water being added or any taken away.  
My question then is the cup of tea that i am drinking as i write this, is the water i used to make it 4.4 billion years old?
My second question then is if it is 4.4 billion years old, it has obviously been through the full scale of  what water can be, so it has been a cloud, part of a sea, in rivers, steam and in peoples toilet cisterns and also inside people and then expelled as urine.
In that case how many peoples and other creatures bodies has my cup of tea been through before i drink it and  after i expel it, where will it go after the sewer spits it out into the English Channel and how long before it ends up in another persons cup?
I'm suddenly not that thirsty.


Keep Life Simple said...

Lucy, relax. Water molecules are obviously 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom. The molecules break down into individual atoms then reform as new water molecules. In addition, hydrogen and oxygen atoms break down and new atoms form.

I read that a single human cell has 2 trillion atoms, and that the atoms in our bodies are 100% completely replaced every 18 to 24 months...

Now then, let's talk about that air you've been breathing...


Lucy said...

Phew, the science teacher never told us that. Well, he may have done but it was the 80s so i was probably thinking of George Michael or Simon Le Bon and missed it.

What's up with my air apart from the pollution?

Keep Life Simple said...

Breathing the same air as Hitler or W or egads... Me

Lucy said...

I just looked up chemical composition of air and it has 0.000114% Krypton.
I am starting to think those Superman films may not be true, he couldn't live here and breath in Krypton.