Sunday, 6 July 2014

Boys And Train Sets

I don't know what this governments fascination with trains is but a highly excitable chap from the Transport Department has announced that £90m is being spent to speed up internet access on commuter trains across England and Wales.
Already announced is the mind boggling HS2 north-south rail link which is costing £50bn and will result in shaving 20 minutes off a commuter trip from London to Birmingham.
The transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, said to try and justify spending the equivalent of the cost of two schools on internet access: 'We all know how frustrating it can be to have our phone calls and internet use constantly disrupted by poor signal while travelling on trains. At the moment it happens too often. Passengers expect and deserve better and with these plans, that is what they'll get'.
I use the trains and what i expect more than being able to check my emails quicker is for trains to arrive on time and be able to get a seat when they do turn up so if i was asked where to spend £90m that was burning a hole in their pockets i would suggest buying more trains.
My second suggestion would be replacing the ticket collectors with greased up male models in budgie smugglers but i can't see that one going through either.

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