Friday, 17 February 2017

Like The Message But Hate The Messenger

We have had three Prime Ministers since Tony Blair slinked out of Downing Street but such was the stink and strength of feeling that he left behind even now he can't put his head above the paparapet without large swathes of the country wanting to take it off.
That is the problem he faces which makes it even worse that what he said today about Brexit is spot on, this Government is about to  take the UK over a cliff edge and someone needs to stop it.
You don't have to like Blair to agree with his stance on Brexit but whatever he may say, it's undermined by who he is and what he's done.    
The irony is that his call for the people of Britain to rise up and force the Government to listen is lost in the memory of 2 million people of Britain rising up against his Iraq War folly and him dismissing them.
The remain camp need a hero, someone to unite and stem the suicidal march to economic madness that 52% of the British public voted for but instead of a hero we got Tony Blair, and he is just to divisive a figure to those of us on the pro-EU side to rally behind who remember his lies and actions during his turn in power.

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