Thursday, 2 February 2017

Mary The Virgin (Or Was She)

Apparently the word ballokes appears in the Bible but without checking i would guess it appears in either the bit where Eve tells Adam she met a talking snake who told her to eat an apple or where Mary tells Joseph that she has been made pregnant by God.
The story about Mary being a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus has long been the staple of Christian belief but Sister Lucia Caram has put her big plimsolls into it by suggesting that Mary was probably not a virgin after all and her and Joseph had probably made the two backed beast prior to God flinging his holy sperm at her.
'I think Mary was in love with Joseph and that they were a normal couple – and having sex is a normal thing' said the nun during a religious programme which may sound strange coming from the mouth of a celibate nun but the religious folk got their rosary beads in a knot and some even forgot about the love and peace aspect and actually issued death threats at her.
Bishops and the like quickly rushed to restore Mary's dignity and reminding people that Mary’s virginity was unquestionable and the nuns view were not shared by the Catholic Church.
That's okay then, everything is good again and we can trust again that a man in the clouds inseminated a 14 year old girl who was betrothed to someone else because that is much more believable.

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