Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Bring Your Own

Since European companies stopped sending the required chemicals to perform lethal injections in America, our prisoner murdering cousins have had some problem procuring the required cocktail of drugs to carry out the executions but they have developed a work-around, ask the prisoners to supply the lethal dose themselves.  
Various alternatives have been proposed, including the return of electric chairs or gas chambers and firing squads but Arizona  have come up with the most original concept yet with an invitation for lawyers to help kill their own clients.
In a mailshot to lawyers it says: 'the inmate’s counsel or other third parties acting on behalf of the inmate’s counsel may provide the department with a sedative, pentobarbital, or an anesthetic, sodium pentothal, if they can obtain it'.
There are 119 prisoners on Arizona’s death row, according to the corrections department, but the state has not executed anyone since July 2014, mostly due to dwindling supplies of the fatal cocktail of drugs but if they think that prisoners or their lawyers will be coughing up the required dosage to enable them to be executed then it may be a long time until another prisoner is strapped to a stretcher and their arm swabbed for a needle.


Anonymous said...

So much concern for a few hundred convicted murderers and so little concern for hundreds of thousands of unborn babies. Hard to understand the logic of the left.

Many states are thinking of reverting to firing squads...

Falling on a bruise said...

Yep, I read about firing squads and gas chambers and even the electric chair.