Friday, 3 February 2017

Death By Moon Averted

It is isn't aliens or stray asteroids making a beeline to come and destroy us from space, now its our moon getting ready to bring about our demise.
Approximately 4.5 billion years ago something collided into the Earth and sheared off enough material to make the moon and ever since it has been spiralling away from its Parent at a rate of 3.8cm (1.4 inches) a year but now a planetary scientist has advised us that it will start coming back towards us and oops.
'Eventually, it would get so close that it would spiral inward, dissipating its orbital kinetic energy in a spectacular collision and merger with the Earth' the scientist is saying.
We can anticipate the moon related apocalypse when the Earth’s rotation slows down to the same rate as that of the moon’s orbital period which should happen in about 65 billion years.
65 billion years?? Panic over then, especially as in around 6 billion years the sun will run out of nuclear fuel and the outer layers will expand towards Earth, scorching everything in its path and wiping out all life so looks like we will dodge that Death by colliding Moon after all.

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