Sunday, 12 February 2017


Eros was always the more famous of Aphrodite's children in Greek mythology and he can be seen standing in Piccadilly Circus with his bow in his hand ready to shoot an arrow through the heart of lovers but as shooting your partner with an arrow is not considered romantic anymore, you could always get a letter from the most romantic place in the World, Loveland.
In the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, the town of Loveland has been gearing up for it's busiest period of the year as an expected 300,000 letters to be stamped with the Loveland postcode and forwarded to far flung parts of the World are expected to land in the Colorado Town's postal room.
For two weeks every year, Loveland volunteers stamp and redecorate hundreds of thousands of letters from all corners of the globe, so that lovers can present the objects of their desires with letters postmarked in the land of love.
The Loveland re-mailing programme started up 70 years ago, when a postmaster began re-addressing all mail with the slogan, 'From The Sweetheart City' and the famous town name.
For a fortnight the Town with a population of 51,000 people, becomes the Love Capital of The World with shops playing nothing but love ballads, pubs selling pink beer and the cake shops bake everything pink and heart shaped while every lamp-post displays a heart-shaped sign bearing a lover's message.
The Loveland Website advises that this year they have an Ice and Fire Party planned for the 14th February which could make for a very short party, just hope it is far away from the Post Office else some very soggy Valentine Cards could be dropping onto doormats this year.

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