Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Government To Blame For NHS Crisis

Much hand-wringing from the Government over the NHS crisis and waiting times as the finger is pointed at Doctors not working long enough hours, the public turning up at Accident and Emergency rather than go see their doctor and that old favourite of the Brexit crowd, Johnny Foreigner coming over here to use our free service and a broad array of other reasons.
With the fingers being pointed elsewhere, nobody seems to be pointing at the proper cause, a right wing Government hell bent on running down the NHS to such a state that we cry out for it to be privatised so we can get a hospital bed. 
While the Government can say that they give more money to the NHS then ever, that is factually true but the NHS budget has historically been raised by 4% each year, since 2010 and the Conservatives picked up the treasuries keys they have given 1% so yes they have given more each year than ever before but then whoever is in Government has done that but while over the last 7 years their budget 
has gone up by 7%, historically it should have gone up by 36% which means they are actually 29% down on the deal.
The Government are also keeping quiet about the 44 hospitals and treatment centres that are being closed with a loss of 15,000 beds so if you think getting an appointment or a bed was hard enough now, wait until these cuts come in this year and there are 15,000 less beds and 44 less hospitals to be treated at.
It is also undeniably true that other factors include the UK population is ageing and older people, on average, have greater healthcare demands than younger generations but the Government have deliberately let things slip and as the Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, who controls all aspects of the NHS co-authored a book by a group of Conservative politicians that called for the NHS to be privatised, it isn't hard to do the sums and arrive at a deliberate ploy to underfund and run the NHS down to such a point that  Private hospitals and medical insurance becomes the only game in town.
A glance at the American system where healthcare comes with the ability to pay should scare us into this doing what we can to prevent this right wing, capitalist vision from ever seeing the light of day and pointing the finger of blame where it should be pointed, at the Government.

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