Friday, 10 February 2017

No Pomp And Circumstance For You Donald

Poor Donald Trump, nobody likes you, everyone hates you, they're all out without you having fun as Green Day sang and that has been proven yet again by the decision to not only keep him away from Parliament when he is here, but also keep him out of England altogether.
The public said they didn't want him here, the police said his visit would be 'problematic' and even the Members of Parliament said they would boycott him if he tried to drag his ample frame into the Commons so the Prime Minister has done the decent thing and shoved him into another country.
As it is doubtful that he will realise what a massive bell-end he is before the visit and decide not to show up, the Prime Minister has began making plans which include a late summer or early autumn visit when Parliament isn't sitting in order to avoid a snub and keeping his out of London and Britain's major cities as much as possible to limit the president’s public exposure to demonstrations
against him.
The plan being discussed between the Prime Minister, police and Buckingham Palace is for him to visit the Queen in Balmoral in Scotland and encouraged to spend the bulk of his visit up there.
The first problem is Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmon, the leaders of the ruling Scottish National Party who have been the loudest critics of the President and would look to score political points by staging their own snubs and protests against him being in their country.
The second problem is Scotland are just as capable of throwing insults and eggs at him as England and it is a short hop up the M8 so there will be protests wherever shows his strangely coloured face. 
Notoriously thin skinned, it's going to be interesting how the Trump reacts to a state visit which is hardly disguised as letting him in by the tradesman's entrance and keeping him out of the way with none of the pomp and circumstance that all his predecessors and other World leaders have enjoyed.

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