Saturday, 25 February 2017

Something Stinks So American Media Must Keep Digging

David Cameron wasn't the only politician who was fond of the dead cat tactic when things were turning against him, it is a well worn ploy by all politicians and Donald Trump has been following the Cameron play book by lining up the dead moggies on the kitchen table ever since he got the keys to the White House.
The idea is that just as a storm is brewing, the instigator does something radical to change the narrative so that becomes 'the thing' rather than 'the other thing' and that is exactly what the Trump administration is desperately trying to do around Russia right now.
The cat in this scenario is the press ban and the Mexican wall tendering process so eyes shift away from the Trump's interference with the FBI in the middle of an active investigation involving his direct and continuous contact with officers of the Russian intelligence agency, the FSB, and the unprecedented cyber attack on Hillary Clinton.
Despite protestations that it was all fake news, we learned this week that Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus had contacted the the FBI to request that they publicly label the story as 'total BS'.
When this was rebuffed, Priebus went to the top guy in the FBI to demanded the same but was again rebuffed and refused permission to quote them anonymously as saying the story was totally wrong.
The removal of Michael Flynn from Donald Trump administration over secret links with Russia are the smoke but the fire is surely not to far away and must be warming Donald Trumps toes as it creeps closer to him with every revelation. 
The key questions seem to be what did Trump and his staff know about the hacks, when did they know it and were they complicit in any way and that is what the media must hammer and why Trump is so keen to bang the 'fake news' drum so loudly.
He must hope that when the inevitable allegations come his way, that he has turned enough 'useful idiots' to his side and the revelations that he worked alongside a foreign power to interfere in an American election doesn't bring the walls crashing down on him.  
Moving all those dead cats aside, the fact that him and his team are working so hard to cover up, deny, lie and influence the investigation looks very much like they have something that they very much want to stay hidden and if the American media are doing their job, continued digging will bring it out into the open.

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