Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why Are We Not Protesting About NATO Cost?

There isn't much that i agree on with the current US President but we are certainly on the same page on one issue even if we are there for different reasons.
When he was campaigning Donald Trump referred to NATO a few times and questioned its purpose which is something that i have found myself doing more and more since the fall of the Berlin Wall and since Communism ceased being the bogeyman NATO had to protect us from.
Since 1991 and the Berlin Wall fell over, NATO has been at a bit of a loose end but instead of disbanding, the organisation needed to justify its existence and fell upon the idea of 'humanitarian interventions' as we saw in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and in NATO’s most recent display of its commitment to peace, Syria.
Since 2013 NATO's old enemy has been shifted back into the gun sights, over-hyping a Russian threat and building up Vladimir Putin as planning to a over Europe in a non-existant attempt to justify its continuing existence and it's cost, a massive £871 million in 2015.
Now everyone of the 28 countries is being asked to contribute more, 2% of GDP, which for the UK means £39 billion which our Government seems quite proud of being only 5 nations of the 28 who pay their full whack.
As the last few months we have heard about how obscene it is to pay £12 billion a year to maintain our place in the EU and the £10 billion we hand out in foreign aid, why is nobody kicking up a stink over the £39 billion we hand over to NATO?
To steal a quote from those against the EU and actually helping people in need, why are we spending such an obscene money we can ill afford to remain an out of date organisation that has no role in today's world and actually makes the World a less safe place?
Why not a referendum on coming out of NATO and use that money to fund the NHS instead or pay off our debts?
The argument is NATO keeps us safe and that may have been the case in the eighties but if people can vote to destroy the UK economy by removing ourselves from the largest single market on the planet so we can 'take back control', why are we handing over to an organisation that costs three times as much but gives us a minute fraction, if any, of the benefits?   
If anything good can come from having the blithering orange idiot in charge of things, the demise of NATO will be it.


Anonymous said...

You mean the UN don't you. Biggest human waste of all time is the UN.

Falling on a bruise said...

Nope, NATO, the UN works until nations with agendas and a veto try to subvert it.