Saturday, 11 February 2017

Arsenal Moving On But...But...

All good things must come to an end and it appears that Arsene Wenger is dropping hints that this season in the comfortable, heated Managers seat at the Emirates may be his last. 
After 20 years of standing on the sidelines he has mentioned to Ian Wright that he will probably step down at the end of the season and Ian Wright went to the highest place he could find and shouted it out to the World.
The majority of Arsenal fans i have spoken to feel it is the right decision and with news that Arsenal have been in negotiations with Juventus manager, Massimilano Allegri, who yesterday announced that he has agreed to leave the Italian club in the summer, it seems the deal has been done and the Frenchman will be replaced by an Italian next season.
I do agree that it is probably time to move on from the Wenger era but i do look at teams like Manchester United who depart with a long entrenched manager and never hit those heights again.
England fans moaned that under Sven Goran-Eriksson we would always get knocked out at the quarter-Final stage of major tournaments and how we would love to still be in tournaments at that stage now, having never been near a quarter final since the Swede took his ball and took it home.
So yes, probably is time we gave Wenger a massive pat on the back, three cheers and thank you and move on but i hope that us Gunners don't look back fondly on those seasons when we continually finished fourth and qualified for the European League when we look at the team sheet for the UEFA Cup group games like the Mancs have been doing.

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