Saturday, 25 February 2017

Thanks And Goodbye Jeremy

The worst thing about the Labour Parties Jeremy Corbyn is that i like him and i like his views and agree with almost all of them but the facts are that i am obviously in the minority as Labour slip even further away from gaining power. 
Despite everything he says about turning corners and getting his message out there, the Labour Party face falling even further behind the Conservatives and need to act.
Unfortunately, the only thing they can do is thank Jeremy for his efforts and elect someone who has more appeal to voters otherwise come 2020, the Conservatives will regain power and it's another five years of ideologically run disasters as the previous five.
The loss staunch Labour seat of Copeland to the Conservatives should be the wake-up call that Labour need to find someone in their membership who connects with the electorate and who can stop the Conservatives in their tracks from the cliff edge that they are speeding us towards.

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