Thursday, 2 February 2017

Time For A Mrs Dr Who?

Such a shame that Peter Capaldi has decided to put down the sonic screwdriver and is moving on to pastures new leaving a Dr Who shaped space in the Tardis as i rather liked his grumpy Doctor regeneration but onwards and upwards and on to the next Doctor who it has been flouted, could be a female.
That caught the attention of the geek and nerd communities who put down their copy of Popular Science long enough to facebook and tweet how they would not tolerate a woman Doctor.
Obviously there is no reason why the next Doctor couldn't be a woman and there are many women who could do the character justice but just because it has always been played by a white man doesn't mean it always has to be which is the main justification of the nerd brigade.
As the Doctor himself said 'life depends upon change and renewal' so let's completely change the dynamic and throw a two-hearted Time Lord from Gallifrey with a pair of breasts and a womb at the Cybermen and Dalek's for a change.

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