Sunday, 19 February 2017

What Does Santa Do The Rest Of The Year?

By now everyone is back into the swing of work and school things as Christmas was almost two months ago but now that all the fun of
Christmas is a distant memory, did you ever stop to wonder what Santa does for the rest of the year?
The first thing he does is have a good sleep to wear off the effects of all those glasses of sherry and mince pies left in every household and after circling the globe for 24 hours, the reindeer need a bit of shut eye also.
After waking fully refreshed and now sober, the first job is to repair any damage to the sleigh from this year's run, all those roof tiles can play havoc on the sleigh's runners and he rubs down the paintwork ready to give a fresh coat of paint later in the year.
Then he then gets cracking on next year's toys and updating the Naughty and Nice list, even with Mrs Claus helping out with an Excel spreadsheet, it's a long job and needs constantly updating as names are flipped between the naughty and nice sides.
There are also endless meetings to discuss how the present delivery went and what can be improved for next year and most importantly what toys to make for this year by the elves in the workshop, the last thing they want is to spend all year making something only for boys and girls to ask for something else and them having to work double shifts in November and December to catch up. 
Around July or August he does take some time off to relax too (Scotland is a favourite spot) before delving back into work as the children's letters begin arriving in October and it's non-stop through to December 26th and he does it all over again.
See, being Santa really is a year round job!

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