Saturday, 4 February 2017

Black Sabbath Calling It Quits

Black Sabbath have decided to call it a day and play their last concert this week before packing away the guitars after five decades and going home to count their tattoos.
Inevitably the plaudits are being thrown in their direction but apart from the song 'Paranboid', canl;t say i was much of a fan of Sabbath or Heavy Metal in general.
When i was a kid we called Heavy metal fans 'greasers' or 'grebo's' for short and it was all dirty jeans and old leather jackets but i can appreciate some of the music and guitar riffs but were Sabbath, as many seem to be calling them, Britain's best Metal band?
I am probably not the best person to ask, i'm not sure what's metal and what isn't but if Led Zeppelin come under the genre of metal, then i would hand them the Best UK Metal Band trophy.
Judas Priest and Deep Purple i remember were both pretty big back in the day and Iron Maiden fans will certainly argue and although i never really followed either of them, 'Two Minutes To Midnight' was a tour de force and one of the greasers songs that slipped through my no grebo music guard along with 'Madhouse', 'One', 'Smoke On The Water' and 'Ace of Spades' but that was more because of the stonkingly great guitar playing.
So Black Sabbath may very well be the Greatest British Metal Band Ever or not but although i wasn't much of a fan of the genre, it is preferable to the ballad singing X-Factor singers polluting the charts today even if they smell better and are more likely to hoover a hotel room rather than wreck it.

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