Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Palestinian State In Three Years

Immediately after the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine this summer, Israel stole the largest tract of land in the West Bank as 'punishment' for the Palestinians having the temerity to fight back against the latest Israeli invasion.
Maybe it was to provoke the Palestinians into attacking them and therefore justifying another military blitz of the penned in Gazan's or it was too good an opportunity to miss for another land grab but yet more land earmarked for a Palestinian state became Israeli land.
And so it has gone on for over 60 years but finally the Palestinians have a bit of leverage and they have announced they plan to use it to the full to get their own land, free of Israeli oppression.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas plans to present Israel with a timetable for talks which would agree upon the territory for the future Palestinian state in three years with the demand that Israel freeze settlement construction as the talks are ongoing.
If Israel rejects or delays the talks or continues settlement building, Abbas will use his newly earned powers at the UN to take Israel to the International Criminal Court and seek a UN Security Council resolution that recognises the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines.
If the US veto any Security Council resolution, as they usually do, they will then approach the General  Assembly with the same request and join international bodies and organisations, and then to campaign to have Palestine recognised as a nation under occupation according to the Geneva Conventions.
Sounds like a plan and dragging Israel and the likes of the vile Netanyahu to the International Criminal Court would be justice, the amount of human right abuses he has been accused of overseeing would ensure him a less than comfortable seat at the Hague.
It is about time Israel was made to account for its long lasting genocide on Palestine and far past the time when the Palestinians were rid of the repugnant human right abusers next door.

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Doesn't sound like you can be a fair juror. You are stricken from the jury and can go now.