Friday, 26 September 2014

Cost Of War To Taxpayers

The MP's have voted and it's a thumping 481 vote majority for war and so begins another bout of conflict that has been estimated to last for at least 3 years.
As the Conservatives have spent the last four years counting every penny and telling us that they have to slash all sorts of budgets, how much is this new war going to cost us already hard pressed British taxpayers?   
The Ministry of Defence put the price of a Tornado flight at £35,000 per hour and then there is the cost of the weaponry with the 6 missiles each Tornado carries  costing a hefty £280,000 so a typical 4 hour mission with the aircraft dropping its full payload would cost us £420,000 and as the Tornadoes fly in pairs, that's the best part of a million pound a mission and over the course of the next three years, there will be a lot of missions flown at almost a million pound a pop.
It might be worth remembering the next time the argument over austerity and cutting benefit to the disabled or pegging pensioners old age pension erupts because we always seem to have enough cash for a spot of war but not to keep the old folk warm in winter.

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Keep Life Simple said...

The alternative to war is not peace unfortunately. It is subjugation.

It is cheaper to use low tech weapons which will cut cost economically but means more Brits die in combat.