Thursday, 4 September 2014

Greens Going Red

Since Tony Blair, left wing supporters have been looking around for a new party to throw their support behind and there have been a few start-ups, Left Unity amongst them, but nothing of much substance so it is a pleasant surprise that the reddest party have turned out to be the greens.
The party have been gradually shifting further left and today unveiled a manifesto that includes increase taxes on the wealth of the super-rich and renationalising the railways which may not dio much for the rapidly dwindling sea ice in the arctic but hit a beautiful note with the vast pool of ex-labour voters looking for a left wing party to put their cross beside.
The party’s membership has increased by 28% this year and is only 3% behind the Liberal Democrats who are the third largest party in the country.
The Greens so far successful attempt to broaden their base is welcome especially as the two right wing parties, Conservatives and UKIP rip into each other and half each others potential votes.
After a decade of corrupt politicians at the big three, wars, austerity and rich politicians running the country for the benefit of their rich buddies, anyone promising a more socially and economically just society has to be better for us.
With a fair wind and a bit of luck, this could be the exact right time for the red greens.

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