Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Invictus Games

I know it probably shouldn't be, but watching the opening ceremony of the Invictus games with the legion of young men and women with missing limbs was an amazing advert for how shocking war is.
Making their way across the grass in front of the Royals and the politicians, being pushed in wheelchairs, some waving fake arms and some on false legs that they gained in Iraq and Afghanistan, you do wonder where was the man who made all this possible, Tony Blair.  
Without him and his lies and warmongering, the games would not have happened so he should have been there to see close up just what his policy of backing up George W Bush in their obscene lust for war led to, hundreds and hundreds of this countries men and women who have had their lives and bodies shattered and they were the lucky ones because just as many again never made it back at all.
By all means applaud the bravery of the former military men and women and even feel ashamed that our worries pale into insignificance when we compare our lot to theirs, but most of all think of what each and every person and the family of each man and woman filing past on the television screen went through the next time the politicians mention sending our young men and women to war.
Tony Blair is making millions touring the World and giving lectures on why he decided war was his preferred option where the lucky ones come back from them with broken minds, broken bodies and a lifetime of hospital care and he should have been there to witness the result of his treacherous and deceitful decision making and for every person with a missing limb that walked in front of him, a voice saying in his ear 'that's your fault'.  

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