Saturday, 13 September 2014

Manipulating People With Psychology

I do find the field of psychology interesting and according to psychologists we are always giving away our innermost thoughts by our unconscious actions and if you know what to look for, you can read people accordingly but there are also ways that we can subtly manipulate people and their emotions by the way we act or even what we wear.
As having the power to bend people to your will is everyone's dream, what should we be doing in certain situations?
If you are going for an interview, psychologists suggest wearing something blue as this makes you seem trustworthy and secure and don't tilt your head forward as this makes you look submissive but don't tilt it back too far as this will make you look arrogant. Keeping eye contact is important as looking away makes it look as though you are not interested in what you or the other person is saying.

In more romantic settings, if the person who you are talking is interested in getting to know you better, their pupils will grow larger as larger pupils let in more light and can see you clearer so the brain can take in as much information about you as possible. A few light touches on same spot of the arm or hand when the other person is laughing will help as this will reinforce the nice feeling of someone making them feel good.
If the other persons feet are pointing towards you they are interested, not so much if pointing elsewhere and if they play with their hair or jewellery its a good sign. Red is the colour to wear as it inspires feelings of passion and love.

In a business meeting let the other person talk first as this makes the other person feel warmth towards you as they are being listened to and try and mirror the way they are standing or sitting as this makes them feel you are like them and more inclined to trust and agree with you.
If you feel the other person is dominating the conversation, leaning forward slightly sends out an unconscious signal that they need to 'pull back' and let you in, in effect shut up and let you speak and nodding when you speak when want a positive outcome makes the other person more inclined to say yes. 

Finally, a good indicator if somebody is not being all together honest is that liars try to make their body smaller by folding arms or legs, crossing their feet or even twisting their bodies away from you.

All good advice so if you are out on a date, wear red and take a look at the way feet are pointing but if it's a interview make sure it's blue and hold the eye contact and if you are after a raise sit the same way as the boss and nod a lot.
Not sure what it means if your boss is wearing red and keeps playing with their hair and touching your hand while you are asking for a raise but it could be a good time to ask for a promotion and a company car also. 


Keep Life Simple said...

You can tell when a democrat is lying because their lips start moving.


Lucy said...

That's the vast majority of politicians regardless of which side they are on.

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