Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sneaky Tories

YouGov poll delivers a blow to the Better Together campaign which is urging Scotland to stay with the UK, showing a significant lead diminish in a matter of weeks so 51% of Scots now want to cut themselves adrift from the rest of the UK.
How the No campaign has blown a 16% lead in 14 days is not that puzzling when you consider that the Yes campaigners have hammered the 'choose our own Government and not be ruled by London' view and the opposition have replied by sending up the same ruling Ministers from London to argue the point.
By David Cameron and his cabinet turning up in Edinburgh and Glasgow, it just reminds them what a joke they are and makes them even more determined to rid themselves of the posh berk and his mates.   
Despite knowing that they will be financially worse off, the Scots are seeing a chance to expel the likes of Cameron from their lives forever and that is overriding any common sense regarding having to pay for things they receive free now such as prescriptions and university tuition.
All they hear is 'NO MORE OF THE HATED TORIES' and sending up Tories is just stoking the fires.
Of course it could all be a cunning ploy because without Scotland, an anti-Tory hotbed, the Tories election odds would take a sharp upturn and so would the finances of the rest of the country as we wouldn't be having to send money to the other side of Hadrian's Wall.
Maybe by continuing to do what they are doing, the Tories are not as stupid as George Osborne looks.

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