Wednesday, 10 September 2014

ISIS a Cover To Attack Syria?

President Obama is making a speech tonight to set out his plans for dealing with ISIS and even before he has uttered a word, we all know that he will be setting out his case for war in Iraq.
Hopefully Obama will explain how he will destroy Isis with air strikes when no amount of them has been able to destroy al-Qaida or the Taliban in 13 years of fighting.
Around this time last year, Obama and Cameron were foiled in an attempt to blow great lumps out of Syria in support of ISIS who were then one of the good guys.
While i agree that America broke Iraq, they should fix it even if that means troops going back to protect the Iraqis but this could be a chance to take out Assad in Syria under more mission creep like in Libya.
Obama and Cameron have both made noises about bombing Syria to under the guise of 'destroying and degrading' ISIS but at the same time they are arming and funding the Syrian Free Army and it could be a case of two birds with one stone as the ISIS targets and Assad forces are morphed into one enemy against the FSA and Obama and Cameron get to finally take out Assad and his forces under the guise of another humanitarian mission.
The West's war in Libya began as a humanitarian mission and ended up being the air cover for Al Queada and this is starting to look very much the same thing.
Obama was supposed to be the nice one bringing peace but he seems to have spent his administration droning and bombing his way around the globe and i feel the threat of ISIS is a cover and a way in to do what he was stopped from doing a year ago in Syria.

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Keep Life Simple said...

I don't agree we broke Iraq. We made it worse but it was broken before we got there