Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dr What

I will hold my hands up and say i didn't have very high expectations of Peter Capaldi when he picked up the keys to the Tardis but i have to admit i was wrong and the new Doctor is doing very well, tonight's episode was a cracker but American watchers may have to take my word for it because apparently the yanks have a bit of a problem understanding his Scottish accent.
I do have a bit of sympathy because i really enjoy True Blood but i have a problem following the characters with the Deep South accents but to my ears, Capaldi's accent isn't that strong, not as strong as some Scots anyway.
Former Dr David Tennant was also Scottish but he played the role with a very reasonable English accent but otherwise as the fan base grows Stateside, to some this may be their first taste of a Scottish accent as i can't think of too many shows when they would have come across it before.
Maybe the next one should be a Brummie, that would have them reaching for the subtitles button.


Keep Life Simple said...

Ah, i was unsure what language he was emitting


Lucy said...

Och aye, he's a wee scot.