Tuesday, 16 September 2014

No Heaven For Right Wingers

I don't think it is beyond doubt that if Jesus was alive today, he would be a lefty and probably knocking out some cabinets on the side so it has always been with amusement that it is the right wingers who have picked up the religion mantle.
The right are the hunters and capitalists and the ones most likely to be doing their armchair general bit when war is in the air and the ones most likely to be found in a church singing hymns about all things being bright and beautiful at the weekend.
Obviously, the whole idea of being a good church goer is to ensure that when you die, you can get through the pearly gates but considering what the Bible says about these matters, i think they may be disappointed.
Firstly, the right wing shtick is selfishness and thinking about themselves before others but Jesus won't much care for that, he was a 'best for the group' type messiah.
Then there are the hunters who seem to think it is okay to go out and blast big holes in animals for a bit of fun, Jesus would probably frown upon that also.  
The capitalism apologists are mostly found on the right and the Bible has many mentions poo-pooing money and material gain, there is even a nifty analogy regarding camels and needles to drive home, the point.
Finally, peacemakers are the blessed ones so its not very probable that the pacifist Jesus looks kindly upon people using him as a reason to make war or cheering for a spot of conflict in the week and turning up at Church at the weekend to listen to stories about love and peace.   
Without doubt Jesus was a lefty but in a bitter irony, the people he is most alike are the ones who avoid church while the ones who are most opposite the things he stood for are the ones trying to suck up to him.
Of course the whole religion thing is tripe but i'd think that if the whole heaven idea wasn't all in the imagination, the people of the right wing would be the last ones Jesus and his dad would let in.


Keep Life Simple said...

Hmmmm. You just make up stuff. Kinda funny usually.

Jesus did not care about politics. The left have supported freedom of speech to the point of approving pornography and foul language - no no's. He would not support homosexuality - another left agenda item. He would not support abortion - left policy.

Jesus not only supports war, he will lead the charge - read Revelation (it is the last book in the New Testament).

Also, the left initiate war when it suits their purpose (FDR, LBJ, Clinton, and now Obama. Carter tried, he just had bad luck...)

Animals were placed under the domain of man after the great flood. End of Genesis I think...

Lastly, good deeds don't get you to heaven and bad deeds don't preclude heavenly afterlife. Accepting Jesus as the Son of God is the stairway to Heaven.


Lucy said...

I was going to say that if i get there before you i will put a word in for you but then when i thought about i decided we don't want your type there so i won't.

Keep Life Simple said...